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The use of flowers

Have you decided to buy flowers or to make a home garden? This information will be interesting for you. It is well known — there are flowers for beauty, and for the people's benefit. Plants like adonises, violets are grown purely on certain types of soil that facilitates minerals search: chalk, zinc, cobalt. Chemical elements give the petals different shades.

By an unusual shape or size of the plant, scientists and geologists determine the presence other minerals in the ground. For example, sagebrush will grow  high only on ground with normal boron content. But if this level increases and will grow a low-growing varieties.

The appearance of the mac will indicate deposits of plumbum and zinc somewhere under the surface, and the buds of hollyhocks separated with thin flowers suggest the presence of copper and molybdenum. 
Being in a situation when you need to find fresh water — pay attention to the rich green grass with sticky leaves and dark purple flowers. Licorice, that's exactly what it's called, blooms luxuriantly only if there is a drinking source. If you can see on the leaves  the white coating, the water is salty.


There are also plants-predictors. Scientists have found that primula extremely exactly predict volcanic eruptions. After a study, they noticed that this plant blooms only in the eve of magma splash from the depths. Attributed to hypersensitivity to the fact that the capillaries of the flower affects the ultrasound, accelerating the circulation of fluid. Metabolism in the primula is accelerated and it blooms for perhaps the first and last time.  

In addition, some of the flowers will be reliable defenders home garden: calendula and carnation and geranium will not let harmful insects on its territory. In folklore there are strings describing the amazing abilities of plants. For example, characters could find treasures focusing on birch trees or the roots of the pines.

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