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The story of the bouquet

There are a big number of stories and legend about the flowers. Many ages ago our ancestors used plants for decorating purposes, treatment and magical rituals. Surprisingly, but there were no traditions to make bouquets. Wreaths or garlands — that was the main art of those times. In Ancient Rome, guests were given wreaths of roses and ribbons. Today the tradition of giving wreaths is still relevant.— You can remember the Olympic games with Laurel wreaths on the heads of winners. In the East this tradition still exists and usually distinguished guest are decorated with a floral garland.

First bouquets were created about five centuries ago. It was small and was created with the most smelling flowers, so it looked like parfume. Bouquets like this were popular in 18th century. As a basis were used the moss. The flowers were evenly placed and attached to the rod. These flowers looked like beanbags.

At first flowers were used for expression the feelings at 19th century. It was the time when the «language» of flowers appeared. Also, it was the first time when first editions were dedicated to for flowers and its significance. The main sense of that flower grammar was like this, rose symbolized the young lady, heliotrope — love and etc. But there was not a single word about the beauty of flower.

But it wasn't a good enough classification. So, it became boring and people used only — color characteristics. As you know, white color is the symbol of clearance and purity, yellow was — a color of separation and troubles. Surprisingly, but in Asia this colors mean quite a different things. For example, white color is the color of mourning.

Modern bouquet is a masterpiece of experienced florists

Today we pay attention not only on the color of flower but on its overall beauty. When we order the delivery, services we plan to make something pleasant to loved ones. Doesn't matter what is the count and form of your bouquet - it makes people feel happy. Modern bouquets can be created with elegance and harmony.

Usually two types of flower should be used in the bouquet. Its combination is determined by the shade, shape and dimensions. Before making a composition, flowers should be putted into the water. Then the stems should be cut off. Flowers should be placed under the corner while making the bouquet. It can be filled with beautiful decorative grass.

The most popular bouquet forms now are the next:

  • Round

  • Elongated

  • Hanging

  • Basket

The most popular is the first form because it is the most simple — all stems are the same size and you can this using small flowers ( daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, etc.).

In the elongated bouquet are used irises, roses and gladiolus. Different size of stems can make the effect of transition from one flower to another. The flowers with the longest stems stay behind the other ones.

Hanging bouquet — the name speaks for itself! Used in this bouquet flowers have flexible stems (orchids, freesia) and some of them are upright and the rest are hanging down.

Baskets of flowers are usually used as holiday gift and they are made up of small flowers and greenery. For convenience they are placed in a basket with a long handle.

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