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Roses as an element of the relationship

A delightful bouquet of roses is the best gift for your beloved

Rose is considered the Queen of flowers. Her beauty is praised in songs, but it also has a huge number of medical properties. Before you order roses for a loved one, we offer you to learn more about the properties of this flower.

Scientists have found that full-fledged love affair between two people is impossible without the presence of intimacy. It responsible for the sensuality of the relationship. And the love comes mysteriously, inexplicably. We are looking for love and perhaps not always able to achieve it. For us it symbolizes a state of happiness, but the process of emergence of attraction between two people is still one of the greatest mysteries of humanity. Any attachment can escalate into something more bright and constant, or simply come to naught. How does it happen? Let's try to understand.

Words, touches, looks — all this are parts of the "love game". But in addition, attract the attention also can flavors. Even in ancient times people used the scents of flowers and plants to enjoy another person. 
Egyptian Queen Cleopatra knew many ways to attract men. 
It is believed that one of the main secrets were milk baths with rose petals. It is quite possible, considering that rose fragrances have always been the most pleasant and rich for a man. Applied aromatic oil to the skin made of roses can be a powerful pheromone. Maybe that's why we often prefer perfumes which have pink notes.

The beneficial properties of rose

Order roses in ChisinauThe roses are used in today's popular spa-treatments and aromatherapy. To do it at home, you simply should add two or three drops of rose essence in a special ceramic container and heat it with a small candle. Remember that more powerful sources of heat can overheat the oil and its aroma will change for the worse. Before you light a candle and surrender to the power of floral aroma, you should prepare. Select an appropriate time when you don't need to hurry. Turn off the light, next to you put a plate with fruits or cheeses. If you prefer, put a glass of your favorite wine. Once oil starts to evaporate in the air, you can feel a magical atmosphere of mystery.

You can also call the rose the flower of love and closeness. On our website you can choose roses on order, which will be delivered in the desired time and place. Our florists will make an unique floral arrangement, taking into account all your wishes and our polite couriers will deliver it at any time of the day. Order roses through the Internet or call to our operators. Roses will like sensual persons and appreciate the beauty in all its manifestations.

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