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Rose Meaning and Rose Symbolism. Oder flower delivery

Rose - is the queen of flower

One of the most popular and favorite flowers is considered rose. Its beauty and rich aroma can't leave indifferent even the most capricious lady. But before you order flowers for loved ones, you should know the history and learn about the symbolism of this plant.

The symbolic meaning of roses

In honor of the rose are named many places, cities and people. The rose can be found on the coats of arms of ancient families, but among the most famous are the flowers with coats of arms of the British houses of York and Lancaster. The struggle between these two parties went down in history under the name of "The War of the Roses". This flower is also a symbol of construction of the craft, so on the medieval buildings can be found statues or images of a rose. Of course it is impossible to talk about rose and do not mention her presence in the mysterious Masonic symbols.

For centuries poets and writers glorify the beauty of the flower and its fragrance. Folklore is not the exception — almost in any myth, legend or tale can be found mentions of the rose. "Pink cult" was pronounced in the Scandinavian countries and Germany. The brothers' Grimm famous fairy tales "Sleeping Princess" and "Snow White" - in each of which there is a picture of a rose.

In construction in the shape of roses were created windows. They were called window-rose. You can find these windows in the Gothic buildings. Diagram of the construction of these roses are very curious and has a symmetrical arch, based on the ring in the center. In any Gothic Church or Cathedral they are present.
The most memorable window-rose can be found in the Paris Notre-Dame, also in Orleans, cathedrals of London, etc. In addition to the spectacular appearance, the item symbolizes a state on the border between the earthly and otherworldly life.

Today, roses are also an integral part of the culture — its image can be seen in paintings, clothing and logos. But first of all, the flower is a wonderful gift that replaces a thousand words and wishes. Order flowers with delivery at any time of the day is very simple on our website. Our florists create unique compositions that can produce an indelible impression. On the website you also can order soft toys, sweets or balloons. Roses will be a great choice for people that are able to value the luxurious beauty and richness of these flowers.

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