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Tips how to make roses last longer

Roses perhaps the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world. They differ according to their elegance and uniqueness, that's why women like it so much. It's very important for woman to give her flowers and the best gift will be roses. What woman would refuse such gift?

To order roses with delivery in Moldova

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How to preserve roses?

If you want your roses looked alive and stood for a long time, here are some good tips:

1. Before you put your roses in a vase with water, cut 5-7 cm of the stem and remove leaves 8-10 cm.

2. Change water every day so that the petals don't fall and color of the bud will be intense as while buying. We advice you to spray leaves with the water.

3. If a bouquet was presented in winter, then put it in warm water, and vice versa if the bouquet was presented in summer.

4.For a night put the roses in a damp place or place them in the water, and make so that the buds don't touch the water.

Due to simple rules, roses will look naturally for at least 2 weeks.

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