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The secret language of flowers

Since ancient times there is a tradition to give flowers to women.At different times men have expressed their feelings with beautiful plants. Men and women could communicate using flowers when it had been unaccepted to speak about the feelings in public.

The language of flowers

Women from the Middle East decided to come up with the language of flowers, which soon became popular in Europe. They decided to move all the feelings and emotions on flowers. For example, women paid attention to what hand the man holds a bouquet and how does he hold a bouquet - buds up or down and are there any thorns on the roses. Also, great importance was the type of flowers and it's color. It was assumed that the lilies of the valley is the symbol of old love, geraniums is the request for a secret meeting, orange lily is hatred and disgust. White carnations, which was made to give the men, were a symbol of first innocent love, and the language of flowerred chrysanthemum was the symbol of passionate love.

A huge bouquet of flowers is always a perfect gift

Today no one hides his feelings. Young people say about their feelings and present various bouquets every day. Men give flowers to women as a token of love and gratitude. Every day you can come up with a great reason to give a beautiful bouquet. If earlier to find a gorgeous bouquet was a big challenge, today you can order a bouquet online. Flowers to ordering is convenient for you. It saves time and money, and will be nice and unexpected for your sweetheart!

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