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What does the number of flowers in the bouquet

The language of flowers defines the number of flower buds in the bouquet

Oftenly we take flowers as a gift and doesn't pay attention on the number of flowers in it. But every number has it own special sense. Most of girls even have no idea what a special meaning is hidden there!

1 flower — means an expression of attention

3 flowers — is the sign of respectnumber of flowers

5 flowers — a man wants to confess you with something

7 flowers — such a bouquet can be given with the words "I adore you!"

9 flowers — sign of a deep recognition

11 flowers - "bouquet of love". The best for every couple of spouses

13 flowers — the sign that means that a man gives his heart to you

19 flowers — bouquet for the wedding. These flowers adopted to give the newlyweds

21 flowers — sign of unreal and unearthly love

25,27,29 flowers — the sign of recognition of eternal love

51 or 101 flowers — the most significant bouquet. Using such a gift anyone can show to his second half that she is his only one and priceless

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