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What is customary to give at Easter?

Easter celebration

Easter, along with Christmas, is the principal feast of the Christian religion. This celebration marks the victory of life over death. This victory became a symbol of the rebirth of Christ after he was crucified. In the Easter night, all Christians go to the church and they gather around a large family and share with Easter cakes and easter presents Chisinaupainted eggs. Also during those three days people go to each other's homes.

However, if you are going to visit your friends, you may be asking a question - what is customary to give at Easter? Of course the main traditional easter presents that you can always get while going to the guests - are painted eggs and Easter cakes. But there are many others gifts that also could be relevant in addition to these ones. At Easter you can give souvenirs, books, dishes, toys for children, but preferably with an Easter theme.

What is customary to give at Easter?

If You have decided to donate the dishes, then it is better to choose mugs or plates with cute drawings. However, is not worth it to present empty dishes. You need to put any biscuits, sweets or Easter cake and colored eggs.

For friends you can buy wooden painted eggs. These easter presents are given as a symbol of happiness and prosperity in the family. And the girls can give a beautiful egg-boxes.

You can buy for close relatives panels depicting saints or temples. Also a good gift can serve a porcelain souvenir in the form of an angel.

And what about children? What can be perfect for them at Easter? Every child would be pleased with such an useful and amazing gift  as a book with illustrations and available in plain text, which would tell them the great celebration of Easter.

Gifts at Easter can be given by anyone to everybody. In this aspect there are no boundaries and rules. You still wonder what to give for Easter? Give your family and friends only needed nice easter presents. If You are giving a gift sincerely and from the heart, it does not matter what You are giving. Please, pay attention at an important part! Painted eggs should be an irreplaceable addition. The bright paint of an ordinary chicken egg is symbolizing one of the most solemn event in the history of Christianity. After all, painted in the blood of Christ chicken eggs have become the proof that the Savior had risen.
Make gifts from the heart and wish your close people happiness and peace. This is the only rule that guarantees that you gift will be the best!

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