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Delivery within 2 hours
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Freshness Guaranteed
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Courier in a classic suit
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Original postcard already included
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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101 roses delivery Larga Noua

Bouquet delivery 101 rose Larga Noua

Are you going to have a birthday, a christening, a silver wedding, and a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses has not been selected yet? In this case, you will help the online service CadouriOnline, which is ready to recommend the most magnificent version of a bouquet of flowers - a bouquet of 101 roses. This gift will tell about your feelings.

A magnificent bouquet of roses will be a bright gift. Anyway, whoever will be given this bouquet of roses is a great mood! A bouquet of 101 roses must be presented from the heart and with good intentions. If you have chosen a wonderful bouquet of roses for expressing sentiments to a dear person, the online service CadouriOnline is always at your disposal.

To order a composition of 101 roses with courier delivery Larga Noua non-stop at the best price in Moldova - this distinguishes us from the competitors. Our affordable prices exist so that anyone can choose a great surprise for a loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

🌺   5 most beautiful flower compositions

🚚   How much does it cost flowers delivery in other cities of Moldova?

  •   🚚   Chisinau - Codru  -  Cost: 113 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Ghidighici  -  Cost: 159 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Straisteni  -  Cost: 159 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Comrat  -  Promo Price: 757 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Criuleni  -  Promo Price: 336 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Straseni  -  Promo Price: 354 MDL

💐   How many flowers in a bouquet should you choose?

  •   👲   3 - joy and sincerity of feelings
  •   👨   11 - for spouse from the loving husband
  •   💗   17 - given to a good friend
  •   💗   19 - wedding number
  •   💗   29 - vow of eternal love

🌹   Did you know....?

  •   🌻   1  -  Flower buds close at nightfall, to prevent cooling of their reproductive organs or damage by cold dew.
  •   🌸   2  -  In Krishnaism flowers are widely applied for sacrifices ? they are burned in fire for protection from disease.
  •   🌻   3  -  Humanity discovered more than 50 000 types of roses and their hybrids. This is the most popular flower for bouquets.
  •   🌷   4  -  The worlds biggest water lily ? VICTORIA AMAZONICA ? reaches 2 metres in diameter and is able to withstand the weight of an adult. In its lower part there are thorns that protect the water lily from fish.
  •   🍀   5  -  Breeders establised, that flowers react differently to people.