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Delivery within 2 hours
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Courier in a classic suit
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Original postcard already included
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Buy gift baskets Hagimus

Gift baskets-universal surprises for any hero of the occasion or anniversary

Gift baskets are considered to be one of the most unusual gifts. Gift set with a special filling is able to embellish any festive table and make a choice with what to give for a particular holiday. Gift basket with a completely different ingredients required and if You do not fully understand the tastes of the hero of the occasion or birthday.

Our Internet shop of flowers and gifts advises to buy a gift basket Hagimus with a different filling in various cost range. When making gift baskets are in the use of products that define the direction:

  • Vitamin baskets - berries, vegetables and fruits, baskets with honey, dried fruit and jams, etc.;
  • Sweets - sets-chocolate, chocolates and other sweet gifts;
  • Basket with alcohol - differ in the use of wine, beer, spirits, champagne, liqueurs, etc.;
  • Tea and coffee sets with different decor;
  • Gift baskets and sets for the fair sex - are distinguished by the presence of cosmetics and perfumes, including flowers;
  • food baskets - with a variety of meat, cheese and fish delicacies.

Employees who know their business, our online store have solid experience in the manufacture of gift compositions. It is not necessary to think about freshness and quality. When ordering gifts for family and friends, stay on gift baskets. This is not just a luxurious, unique, but also economical gift. Delivery of gift baskets in Chisinau and anywhere else in Moldova 24/7. To purchase a gift basket Hagimus you can at reasonable prices with timely delivery to the required destination. Due to perfectly coordinated activities and favorable conditions, we are rightly respected, both among our customers and our partners.

The most common questions

🌻   CadouriOnline advises you the following bouquets of roses

🌷  🎁   The best ideas of gifts and flowers for all occasions!

🍀   5 most interesting facts about flowers

  •   🌺   1  -  The most delicate flower on the planet, has a diameter no more than 1 millimeter. The greatest flower ? Arnold ? with a diameter of 92 cm it weighs about 12 kg.
  •   🌸   2  -  Bees can distinguish flowers with and without nectar thanks to their ability to see in ultraviolet light. Various spots, lines and patterns on the petals serve as landmarks.
  •   🌺   3  -  The most aged on earth ROSE for 1100 years has been decorating the German town of Hildesheim. Despite its advanced age the flower continues to bloom every year.
  •   🌹   4  -  Rosehip, which is also a rose, has only 5 petals, and in artificially bred varieties, their number reaches 128.
  •   🌼   5  -  Academics proved, that flowers react differently to people.