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We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Every girl at least once faced with the question of what gift to present to the stronger sex. And this does not mean that she has no idea what to present to him. On the eve of the anniversary or other important event for a man, for beautiful ladies, the purchase of a gift turns into the most principled concern, because you need to buy a luxurious and necessary gift For the birthday, a round date, Valentines Day, February 23 or other important event, taking into account the interests of the man, his individual characteristics

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Answers to most of your questions

👑   What flower bouquets we can recommend to you?

🌷  🎁   Flowers and gifts for various occasions

♛   What 5 bouquets of flowers are the most popular?

  •   🌸   Lilies ? 5th place in the rating ? Amazing and elegant lilies look literally royally, so it is no surprising, that they are characterized by solid popularity when composing flower compositions
  •   🌾   Narcissus ? 4th place in rating ? Narcissus are the sign of the blossoming of nature and constantly enjoy fame when creating bouquets of flowers
  •   🌷   Tulip ? 3th place in rating ? Statistically, are among the most popular flowers worldwide. And it is not surprising, they are beautiful and elegant, and a huge number of their varieties and a wealth of shades allows to choose the option that is ideal for each case
  •   🌻   Gerbera ? 2nd place in rating ? This noble and vibrant flower is great for bouquets for both women and men.
  •   🌹   Rose ? 1st place in rating ? The decision to give ROSE flowers will surely be a win-win option, even if you dont know exactly the recipients preference.

🌺   The most interesting facts about flowers

  •   🌸   1  -  The smallest flower on the planet, has a diameter approximately of 1 millimeter. The largest flower ? Arnold ? with a diameter of 94 centimeters its weight is 13 kilograms.
  •   🌺   2  -  In Krishnaism flowers are widely used for sacrifices ? they are burned in ritual fire for deliverance from illness.
  •   🌷   3  -  In Australia, RISENTELLA ORCHID, does not bloom on the surface but underground. Pollination of the Risentella Orchid is carried out not by bees but beetles.
  •   🌹   4  -  Jasmine is a relative of the olive tree, although outwardly they are completely different. But jasmine is always mistaken for a chubushnik with beautiful white flowers, exuding a delicate aroma, although these plants belong to different families.
  •   🌸   5  -  The highest flower in nature is the pride of Indonesia ? it is called AMORPHOPHALLUS TITANUM and rises above the ground by about 2.5 meters. Its underground tuber weighs about 50 kilograms, and the thickness of the cutting is up to 5 meters. This giant looks like a piece of meat and diffuses an intoxicating smell of sulfur.