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We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Every woman in one day is faced with choices, what to give the man. But this does not indicate that she has no idea what to present to him. Before the onset of the celebrations in men, for women buying a gift turns into the most urgent care, because you have to buy a bright and optimal gift for a birthday, anniversary, Valentines day, February 23 or a celebration, considering the interests of men, its characteristic features of character, lifestyle.

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👑   The most beautiful bouquets of flowers year 2020-2021

🚚   How much does it cost flowers delivery from Chisinau in other cities of Moldova

  •   🚚   Chisinau - Vatra  -  Cost: 171 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Cruzesti  -  Cost: 144 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Frumusica  -  Price: 146 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Cahul  -  Cost: 1120 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Vulcanesti  -  Delivery cost: 1482 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Telenesti  -  Cost: 633 MDL

♛   The most popular flowers for bouquets

  •   🌸   Lilies ? 5th place in the rating ? Beautiful and elegant lilies look literally lavishly, so it is no surprising, that they are characterized by huge popularity when composing flower arrangements
  •   🌾   Narcissus ? 4th place in rating ? Narcissus are the symbol of the awakening of nature and always enjoy solid popularity when collecting compositions of flowers
  •   🌷   Tulip ? 3th place in rating ? Classically, are among the most popular flowers worldwide. And it is not surprising, they are beautiful and elegant, and a huge number of their varieties and a wealth of shades allows to choose the option that is ideal for each case
  •   🌻   Gerbera ? 2nd place in rating ? This noble and vibrant flower is great for bouquets for both women and men.
  •   🌹   Rose ? 1st place in rating ? The decision to give ROSE flowers will surely be a win-win option, even if you dont know exactly the recipients preference.

🌻   Did you know....?

  •   🌸   1  -  White flowers do not exist ? in fact they are discolored, that is they dont have any colored pigments and simply reflect sunlight. Black pigment in universe also doesnt exist ? the color can be either dark red or deep purple.
  •   🌻   2  -  In Brahmanism flowers are widely used for sacrifices ? they are burned in fire for protection from ailment.
  •   🌻   3  -  The oldest on earth ROSE for 1000 years has been decorating the German town of Hildesheim. Despite its advanced age the flower continues to bloom every year.
  •   🌻   4  -  Rosehip, which is also a rose, has only 5 petals, and in artificially bred varieties, their number reaches 128.
  •   🌼   5  -  Scientists establised, that flowers react differently to people.