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Delivery within 2 hours
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Courier in a classic suit
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Original postcard already included
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Buy soft toys Dimitrovca

Soft toys are wonderful gifts suitable for any event, including a childrens holiday

plush toys delight Not only children, but also people of Mature age. These gifts, which have become popular, provide an opportunity to emphasize the best qualities of your loved one. For this reason, the online store of flowers and gifts CadouriOnline recommends to buy soft toys Dimitrovca with delivery, which are presented on our website in a wide selection.

do you Intend to highlight the sensitivity in the personal characteristics of your favorite girl or give a little girl a joy? To this end, it is worth buying a family soft plush toys. We provide delivery of toys of different sizes and colors. CadouriOnline gift service is a company with vast experience in the domestic market. Due to the competently delivered life of the company and practical conditions, we are listed as the number 1 service in our country, both among our customers and our suppliers.

online sale of Teddy bears, rabbits and seals for our online store is not just a job. We are constantly developing, analyzing the market and making a wider range. We care about what soft plush toys your little girls and boys will play or admire the girls. At us it is possible to buy soft toys Dimitrovca at an affordable price with fast home delivery.

we believe, that soft bears and smesharikov like not only children taking, but and people older, in force this in our assortment are offered the next plush Souvenirs:

  • Fictional beings;
  • Plush animals;
  • Heroes cartoons;
  • Remarkable pads are.

CadouriOnline gifts are consistently high quality And positive emotions on the faces of your family.

The most common questions

💲   Payment methods, selection of the payment methods

  •   💲   Using electronic money, for example: webmoney, yandex money, PAYPAL, Bitcoin and others....
  •   💰   By credit card: Discover, American Express, Mastercard, Visa
  •   💸   Using money transfer, for example: Western Union, Unistream, Money Gram, Interexpress and many others
  •   💲   Cash payment at our office or when receiving to the courier

🚚   How much does delivery cost to other settlements of Moldova?

  •   🚚   Chisinau - Buneti  -  Cost delivery: 112 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Ghidighici  -  Promo Price: 159 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Revaca  -  Delivery cost: 146 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Cahul  -  Price: 1120 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Cantemir  -  Promo Price: 827 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Straseni  -  Promo Price: 354 MDL

💐   What number of flowers is customary to give in different cases?

  •   🧒   1 - given in case of spiritual intimacy
  •   👨   11 - for spouse from the loving husband
  •   💗   17 - given to a good friend
  •   💗   21 - adoration
  •   💗   27 - love for your wife

🍀   5 most interesting facts about flowers

  •   🌼   1  -  White flowers do not exist ? in fact they are discolored, that is they dont have any colored pigments and simply reflect sun light. Black pigment in universe also isnt present ? the color can be either dark red or deep purple.
  •   🌹   2  -  Bees can distinguish flowers with and without nectar thanks to their ability to see in ultraviolet light. Various spots, lines and patterns on the petals serve as landmarks.
  •   🌷   3  -  People discovered more than 50 000 types of roses and their hybrids. This is the most popular flower for bouquets.
  •   🌺   4  -  The worlds biggest water lily ? VICTORIA AMAZONICA ? reaches 2 metres in diameter and is able to withstand the weight of an adult. In its lower part there are thorns that protect the water lily from fish.
  •   🌻   5  -  The highest flower on Earth is the pride of Indonesia ? it is called AMORPHOPHALLUS TITANUM and rises above the ground by about 2.5 meters. Its underground tuber weighs about 45 kilograms, and the thickness of the stem is up to 5 meters. This flower looks like a piece of decomposing meat and exudes an intoxicating smell of rotten eggs.