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Delivery within 2 hours
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Courier in a classic suit
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Original postcard already included
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Buy soft toys Varatic

Soft toys are the best gifts suitable for any occasion, especially for a childrens holiday

Plush toys are able to please not only young children, but also older girls. These Souvenirs, which have become popular, contribute to highlight the positive personal qualities of your loved one. That is why the online store of flowers and gifts CadouriOnline gives you the opportunity to buy soft toys Varatic with delivery, which are presented on our website in a wide assortment.

Thought that you can highlight the touching qualities of your girl or to please young children? For these purposes, you can order a native plush toys. We provide delivery of toys of various height and shades. Online store of flowers and gifts CadouriOnline is a company with significant experience in the domestic market. Due to the well-developed activities and convenient conditions, we are the number 1 service in the Republic of Moldova, both among our customers and our partners.

Implementing Teddy bears, bunnies and seals for all of us is not just a job. We are progressing, mastering changes in the market and expanding assortment. We care about what soft plush toys will play your little girls and boys or admire the second half. From us you can buy soft toys Varatic at a lower cost with reliable home delivery.

We firmly believe that soft bears and Smeshariki love not only kids but also adults, as a result of this in our variety there are the following plush toys:

  • Magic heroes;
  • Plush animals;
  • cartoon Characters;
  • Wonderful pillows.

CadouriOnline Products are consistently excellent quality and happiness on the faces of your family.

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💲   What payment systems can be used to pay for purchase?

  •   💲   Webmoney, Yandex Money, Bitcoin, Paypal and many others
  •   💲   Payment by card: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  •   💰   Using money transfer, for example: Western Union, Unistream, Money Gram, Interexpress and others
  •   💲   Cash

🚚   Delivery cost of flowers and gifts to various cities of Moldova

  •   🚚   Chisinau - Stauceni  -  Cost: 118 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Bic  -  Price: 151 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Frumusica  -  Cost: 146 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Cahul  -  Price: 1120 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Causeni  -  Promo Price: 646 MDL
  •   🚚   Chisinau - Soroca  -  Delivery cost: 1174 MDL

💐   What number of flowers is customary to give in different cases?

  •   🧒   1 - given in case of spiritual intimacy
  •   💗   9 - I am at your feet
  •   💗   17 - wish of happiness to a friend or relative
  •   💗   19 - exactly how many flowers are given to the bride
  •   💗   29 - vow of eternal love

🌸   Flowers and what do they mean?

  •   🌸   Candytuft - Indifference
  •   🌸   Primula - Desire to love
  •   🌸   Orchid - Beauty
  •   🌸   Gardenia - Secret love
  •   🌸   Almond - Hope
  •   🌸   Acacia - Chaste love