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bouquet of cream roses
bouquet of cream roses
blue foil balloon
foil balloon "It is a boy" 2
gentle white roses 50 cm
Gentle white roses 50 cm
25 pink roses in an elite bouquet
Bouquet "Luxury roses"
1199mdl 1247 mdl
charming bouquet of lilies
Bouquet "Elven clang"
829mdl 864 mdl
bouquet of multicolored roses
Bouquet "Corrida"
1499mdl 1547 mdl
bouquet of spray roses Crimson Dawn
Bouquet "Crimson Dawn"
799mdl 840 mdl
bouquet of 23 сreamy roses
Bouquet "Creamy pearl"
999mdl 1035 mdl
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Sms notification

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Photo of the recipient

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Delivery within 1-3 hours

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Convenient methods of payment

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Shipping to all Moldova

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Anonymous delivery if you wish

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  • Bouquet "1000 and 1 nights"
  • Bouquet "1000 and 1 nights"
  • Balloon with the bear inside, "Rainbow surprise", "My beloved", Fruit Cake and Basket "Tropicana"
  • Bouquet of 25 red roses
  • Composition "Heart"
  • Bouquet "Duet" of red roses and lilies
  • Bouquet "Immense love" and Dragonfly made of flowers
  • Arrangement "A Cinderella Story"
  • Balloons with helium and Composition "Bear"
  • Heart of the 35 roses
  • Basket "Sweet tooth"
  • Heart shaped pillow with print, Basket "Mystery of beauty", Bouquet "Tenderness of feelings"
  • Pink Azalea and Plush white bear
  • Arrangement " A Cinderella Story " and Fruit basket
  • Bouquet "5 Roses" and Basket "Orange"
  • Bouquet " Stop the Moment
  • Basket Vitamin Easter
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