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Buy a gift on Birthday.Unique gifts on Birthday in Chisinau.

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Do You want to make a nice birthday gift? Do not forget about the flowers. Charming a bouquet of flowers on Birthday is a great way to show attention and make something pleasant. CadouriOnline service will help You at any time to pick up unique gifts on Birthday and to carry out fast delivery in the capital and beyond it. Your a bouquet of flowers on Birthday will have a sleek design and a bright filling. With us, You will definitely be able to make a great gift for birthdays and any other celebration.


🌻   ТOP 5 most popular bouquets arrangements

🌷  🎁   How to choose a gift or flowers? Advice from our experts

🌼   How to choose a bouquet as a gift?

  •   🌷   For young girls is best to choose graceful flowers in delicate shades, lush and bright bouquets better be reserved for women age. Lilies, toulips, daisies – perfect choice for a gift for a young woman.
  •   🌹   Choosing roses, it should be taken into account for, what reason the bouquet will be presented. If this is a date, then it is worth choosing a bouquet of 3-5 roses or to present the beloved lady a single scarlet rose. If roses are intended for a birtday, a bouquet is ideal, composed of flowers, the number of which is identical to date.
  •   🌸   Flower bouquets for formal receptions should be elegant and discreet. Festive compositions with bright decor at business celebrations will seem, at least, strange.
  •   🙌   If it is about wedding ceremony, then a bouquet for the newlyweds, certainly must be bright and lush.
  •   🌺   Flower bouquets for favourite artists can also greatly differ between themselves. If flower composition is intended for famous artist, then it should be decorated in elegant classic style, but exotic flower arrangements and bright bouquets of flowers ideally will be suitable for young artists.

🌷   Тop interesting facts about flowers

  •   🌼   1  -  Flower buds close at nightfall, to prevent cooling of their reproductive organs or damage by cold dew.
  •   🌻   2  -  The bellflowers are always directed downward to protect the nectar inside the flowers from rain.
  •   🌼   3  -  Humanity discovered more than 60 000 kinds of roses and their hybrids. This is the most famous flower for bouquets.
  •   🌷   4  -  The worlds biggest water lily – VICTORIA AMAZONICA – reaches 2 metres in diameter and is able to withstand the weight of an adult. In its lower part there are thorns that protect the water lily from fish.
  •   🌸   5  -  Academics establised, that flowers react differently to people.