Steps to make an

We will help you to understand how to order flowers by virtue of our guide, which are represented below. By virtue of this simple procedure you can order a bouquet home or other place, as you wish. With the advent of the Internet, home delivery has become easier and you will be convinced, after using our services. Every day, more and more people are using home delivery services, to impress and give happiness to their beloved.

Order flowers and gifts. The choice of goods
The choice of the recipient flowers and gifts
Congratulations to the gift
Order confirmation
Firstly, you need to determine the selected item. If it flowers, it is possible to choose the number of flowers, color and quality of wrapping paper, and more.
If it is any other gift, it is possible to choose it in the theme of the event. Here you will find a lot of useful and interesting gifts for any festival.
From who to whom
At this stage you can choose the person for whom you are purchasing the gift. You can specify your wishes to the gift, and our courier will make it for sure.
In addition, we can design your surprise for the recipient, depending on who is this person for you, be it your mother, daughter, or wife.
We will pay great attention to this process. We guarantee it.
At these stage you can chose the person to make a gift. You can specify your wishes to the gift and our courier will transfer to the recipient. In addition, We will arrange Your surprise for the recipient, depending on is it your mother, daughter, wife or somebody else.
We will treat this process with love. We can absolutely guarantee this!
On the last stage, you should check all entered data and select a payment method. We offer 3 types of payment:
Cash: You can pay by cash through our courier or directly in the office.
Online: For better convenience, you can pay by means of payment systems Visa,MasterCard,  Maestro, BPAY,BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, RIPPLE, BITCOIN CASH, LITECOIN. As well as using e-money via WebMoney, Yandex Wallet , Visa QIWI Wallet, МТС, TELE2.
Money transfers: For residents of other countries there is a good opportunity to pay using money transfer UniStream, Leader, Western Union, MoneyGram, Interexpress and others.