Return policy CadouriOnline
  • 1. A complaint about the quality of a bouquet or other goods can be filed within 6 hours after delivery (this is exactly the time that can be enough to wither flowers without proper care).

  • 2. Complaints about quality and freshness must necessarily contain photographs. Photos sent after 6 hours from the date of the order are not considered. Photos can be sent via viber, whatsapp, skype or by mail. Be sure to indicate the order ID and name of the payer. Complaints from third parties are not accepted.

  • 3. A complaint about being late is accepted only if the order has paid for the exact delivery time and the News service is activated without a call at the indicated time. In other cases, delivery is agreed with the recipient and can be rescheduled at a convenient time for the recipient.

  • 4. We try to respond as soon as possible to complaints from our customers, so the maximum time for considering a complaint is 48 hours.

  • 5. If at the time of delivery of the order the flowers already did not have the proper appearance, the client has the right to demand a complete replacement of the product or to demand a full or partial refund.

  • 6. If one of the goods is missing in the delivered order, the company will re-deliver the missing goods at its own expense. A postcard is provided free of charge and cannot be considered a product.

  • 7. A photo report is not a mandatory service, and the absence of a photo report cannot be a reason for complaint.

  • 8. Return is carried out within 14 days from the date of the decision to return.

  • 9. When returning, a commission of the payment system is charged, which is borne by the buyer. It is also possible to leave funds on the balance of the buyer, then no commission is charged.

  • 10. Refunds are made only to the payer and cannot be paid to third parties.

  • 11. Consideration of a complaint may be suspended due to profanity, lack of response from the Client within 7 days, absence or provision of a photograph not in due time (if a photograph is needed to review the complaint).

  • 12. The company does not give any guarantees, and disclaims responsibility regarding delivery time on days of mass demand for services (Valentines Day February 13-15 and International Womens Day March 7-9) on these days all orders are delivered throughout the day, by calling the Recipient and agreeing the delivery time with him.

  • 13. Due to the fact that some components of flower arrangements (bouquets) are seasonal in nature and are not always available, these components can be replaced by other components that are most similar to them, which are in the same price category and are available in the store daily Delivery Order. Replacement of any of the seasonal components is carried out without the consent of the Client. When making any changes to the composition (bouquet), the Company aims to preserve the appearance and color scheme of the composition (bouquet) as much as possible. Flower arrangements bouquets, baskets containing several types of flowers or their several shades, as well as flower accessories (packaging, decor, etc.), decorative greenery, are replaced without agreement with the Client.

  • 14. If for the ordered composition (bouquet) the store does not have most of the flowers, the Company will notify the customer of this by e-mail, which he indicated in the order. And he agrees with him to replace the flowers in the composition (bouquet) with others or invites the Client to choose another composition (bouquet) as a substitute. In the event that 4 hours before the delivery time of the order, the Company did not receive a response from the Client regarding the replacement, the florist will draw up a bouquet of flowers at his discretion, equal to or exceeding the price of the bouquet (composition) that the Client ordered.

  • 15. The company does not guarantee 100% identity of the delivered bouquet (composition) of flowers with the photo that you see on our website. We guarantee you the maximum similarity of the delivered bouquet (composition) of flowers with the photo that is presented on the site. We also guarantee maximum freshness of flowers in a bouquet (composition).

  • 16. The Company is not liable in the event that the execution of the Order is violated due to uncontrolled factors. For example, natural disasters, disconnection of the Internet and (or) power supply, any disturbances, strikes, etc.

  • 17. The Customer is responsible for all his actions, including compliance with the law, for the accuracy of the information about him and the Recipient. As soon as the Customer draws up and pays for the Order, he automatically agrees with the requirements of the company specified above

  • 18. Payment on delivery is not accepted for exclusive goods and goods on order. Such products can only be ordered prepaid.

The following categories of goods are not refundable:

  • - foil or latex balls

  • - electronic training materials (DVDs) and books

  • - products with an expiration date, with missing components or parts/ other than supplied

  • - other products that cannot be redeemed after opening the original packaging (for example, flying lanterns, whistles, cake fireworks, etc.),

  • - products that come in direct contact with the skin or other parts of the body (for example, masks, suits, hats, etc.),
Условия возврата
Заказчик несет ответственность за все свои действия, в том числе за соблюдение законодательства, за достоверность информации,как о нем, так и о Получателе. Как только Заказчик оформляет и оплачивает Заказ, он автоматически соглашается с требованиями компании,указанными выше
Мы стараемся как можно быстрее реагировать на жалобы от наших клиентов, поэтому максимальное время рассмотрения жалобы 48 часов.
* Рассмотрение жалобы может быть приостановлено из-за ненормативной лексики, отсутствия ответа от Клиента в течение 7 суток, отсутствие или предоставление фотографии не в установленные сроки (если фотография нужна для рассмотрения жалобы).
Следующие категории товаров не подлежат возврату:
  • фольгированные или латексные шары
  • электронные учебные материалы (DVD) и книги
  • продукты с сроком годности, с недостающими компонентами или деталями/ отличающиеся от поставляемых
  • другие продукты, которые нельзя выкупить после открытия оригинальной упаковки (например, летающие фонарики, свистки, тортовый фейерверк и т. д.),
  • изделия, которые вступают в непосредственный контакт с кожей или другими частями тела (например, маски, костюмы, шляпы и т. д.),
При появлении дополнительных вопросов, звоните:
+ (373) 60 68 00 88.