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The benefits and harms of house plants

House plants - the best decoration of any interior

For any fancier of growing plants is a great opportunity to order flowers with home delivery. Instead of tiring trips to the mall, you can choose suitable plant for yourself or your loved ones, and our courier will deliver your order at the appointed time. Before you make a decision, we want to draw your attention to the aspects that are important in choosing a flower.

hous plants ChisinauPolluted air, faceless window view and a small number of warm sunny days per annum is only a few reasons why people purchase house plants. Let's try to understand wherewith they are really helpful, and how can harm.

The benefits and harms of the house plants

Almost all the plants were brought to Europe from Asia and Africa. Century directed mutation allowed them to adapt not only to the climate of our countries, but our apartments. For example, crassula, initially has three and a half meters, at house is unlikely reach the size above seventy centimeters. Domesticated plants began to flower and bear fruit all year round and truly became house plants. But how much nor feed mutated exotic plants, he still looks towards Africa. So even today some of them can be toxic.

Really dangerous exotic plants, seldom get to our markets, but we need to be careful when we choose a plant, because the more exotic flower is the more dangerous it can be.

  • Alokaziya — also called ARMA. The most common poisonous houseplants.
  • Polyscias — small tree, every cell of which is literally saturated with poison that causes irritation to the skin.
  • Fatsa is a bush that produce harmful substances that may harm the nervous system.

For the greater part, exotic plants may bring harm only in direct contact with them (transplanting plants or hitting inside the organism). So for an adult they may not be harmful, what can't be said about children.

But don't rush to take out pots with your favorite flowers out of home .

  • Aloe, rosemary, chrysanthemum and myrtle purify the air of germs, possessing bactericidal properties.
  • The leaves of asparagus absorb particles of heavy metals.
  • In ancient times, geranium served as protection from evil demons, and today it cleans the air and if necessary makes it easier headache.

The choice of "green pet" should be very serious. Our consultants will always prompt suitable, and, most importantly safe option for you and your family. Home delivery realizes at convenient time for the customer. Polite couriers will deliver flowers for accurately specified address, thus saving the client time.

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