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Interesting facts about flowers. Order flowers home

The history of flowers has lots of interesting facts. Before ordering flowers and making your loved one happy, we offer you to relax a little time and learn more about flower history. order flowers home

  • Flower cultivation began about four millennia ago in Egypt. The Egyptians decorated with flowers square and halls of palaces.

  • In ancient times flowers had been an universal language. Flowers were used not only for feeling expressing, but also to share the thoughts.

  • Chrysanthemum is the most banned flower in the world. It is considered a symbol of power of the Emperor of Japan. The name for this flower is the name of one of the most coveted awards in the country.

  • In ancient Greece, houses, palaces and statues of deities were decorated with violets, especially during the holidays. The Gauls believed that any plant symbolizes innocence and purity. In France the winners of the poetry competition from Toulouse were awarded with violets created from gold.

  • In nature, there are even edible flowers. Dandelions can be used in food. To do this, soak them well to remove any excess bitterness and then it becomes good enough to be added to salads. Chicory can be used in a refreshing drinks, which is no worse than coffee. Chrysanthemums are also edible, and the roots of Lotus can be boiled in soup.

  • It has been known for long that flowers have their own biorhythms. Carl Linnaeus used this particularity for inventing the special floral clock. Its dial consisted of several blocks composed of different colors. With these clock it was possible to determine the accurate time.

  • The symbol of the United States, Britain and Iran is a rose.order bouquet home online

  • The first mention of tulips appear from the time of Confucius. It was a symbol of the flow of life and the immortality of love.

  • Until the sixth century in Netherlands there weren't tulips. They were brought to this country from Turkey. The flower was very expensive, and its value was higher than many metals and precious stones. The cost of one tulip bulb could exceed 2 thousand dollars. The flower is characterized by a growth rate — in one day it grows to about two centimeters.

The story of humankind is a history of our passion of flowers. This love remains till nowadays. For many centuries people gave each other flowers and used them for treatment.

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