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How to make an original marriage proposal?
How to make an original marriage proposal
12 december 2016
Original and unusual gifts for men
Gifts for men. What gifts to give men on certain holidays?
30 may 2016
To choose a successful gift for men is a complicated and responsible task that every woman can completely realize on the eve of such holidays as February 23, the birthday of boyfriend or spouse and Christmas. Every time when one of these celebrations comes closer, our wives, girlfriends and well known women are wondering: "What does he really loves? Maybe he prefers good perfume? Could it be a stylish tie? Or, just a mouse for computer? And how about the book?».
Baskets and composition of chocolates in Moldova
The most original crafts, baskets and composition of chocolates
12 may 2016
Almost everyone knows that magic feeling when you are expecting gifts and surprises. Today it's hard to surprise people with an unusual gift. People use to buy gifts in shops and it becomes easy to predict what gift you will take from another man. However, Internet shop of flowers and gifts CadouriOnline offers exclusive crafts with candies that have recently appeared on the market of hand-made industry.
What is customary to give at Easter?
Easter presents.What is customary to give at Easter for family?
27 april 2016
Easter, along with Christmas, is the principal feast of the Christian religion. This celebration marks the victory of life over death. This victory became a symbol of the rebirth of Christ after he was crucified. In the Easter night, all Christians go to the church and they gather around a large family and share with Easter cakes and painted eggs. Also during those three days people go to each other's homes.
Gifts of candies for men and women
Gifts of candies for men and women -
21 april 2016
Each time as soon as the holidays are approaching, we are thinking about what gift to buy for our close person because we want to bring him joy and delight. Now this problem will disappear, because the Cadourionline online store provides a huge selection of original gifts of sweets. Gifts made of candies are a great gift that can impress even adults.
What flowers are the best for Birthday?
What flowers are the best for Birthday?
20 april 2016
Flowers for Birthday are a special way to congratulate your loved using an unusual "floral" language. Such a gift can be very diverse. You can present to the birthday hero a little modest bouquet of flowers/ Also You can give a huge magnificent bouquet or a whole floral arrangement. How to choose a best way to make a floral gift? Remember, that you should pay attention on the person whom you prepare such a gift.
Sweet bouquets of candies or melt the heart of ladies
Sweet bouquets of candies for beautiful ladies
20 april 2016
It is widely believed that the biggest weaknesses of women are sweets. We can't find the most correct answer on this question. But, obviously, sweets are the same popular by men and children. All we must thing about it - is the measure. But what if your girlfriend loves sweets and flowers the same? You can present her a sweaty bouquet. It is the best chance to make a double present. Sophisticated decoration of such a bouquet can't leave anybody indifferent.
Super prize for all lovers
Super prize for all lovers
05 february 2016
CadouriOnline multiplies gifts on Valentine's Day! Discover how strong can be the intuition of a loving heart!
Delivery of Christmas tress at home - winter holidays!
Delivery of Christmas tress at home - winter holidays!
17 december 2015
The end of the year is always the presentiment of miracles, celebration and fulfillment of dreams. Very often beautiful Christmas tree gives us these feelings. Moreover, New Year is a time of shopping. Every day before the holiday we have fewer opportunities and time to complete all their purchases and liberate a few hours to select, buy and decorate the main beauty of the feast.
Summer flowers. What to give flowers in the summer?
What kind of flowers is more convenient for summertime?
24 september 2015
 Flowers can give us pleasure and joy! But, what kind of flowers is more convenient for summertime when it's so warm and sultry outside?In summer you need to buy light bouquets but pay attention - the cause and preferences are very important. Summertime is good for roses. You can buy it without any doubts that it will live for just about several days.
What does the number of flowers in the bouquet?
The number of flowers
26 june 2015
Oftenly we take flowers as a gift and doesn't pay attention on the number of flowers in it. But every number has it own special sense. Most of girls even have no idea what a special meaning is hidden there!
The secret language of flowers
The secret language of flowers
24 june 2015
Since ancient times there is a tradition to give flowers to women.At different times men have expressed their feelings with beautiful plants. Men and women could communicate using flowers when it had been unaccepted to speak about the feelings in public. Women from the Middle East decided to come up with the language of flowers, which soon became popular in Europe.
It's beneficial to order flowers
Flowers order is beneficial
22 june 2015
 Last time online stores for purchasing the flowers became very popular. You can make a great gift for your beloved directly from your home! Online ordering is the better way to economize your money and time.
What kind of flowers to give on different occasions?
What kind of flowers to give present?
18 june 2015
Flowers are considered to be the most versatile gift.It can be the main gift, or a good addition to the main gift.Not only women but also men love to receive flowers.It is not necessarily to look for a reason to make someone's day.Every day You can give a smile and happiness to your soul mate, moms and dads, grandparents, sisters and brothers, beloved teacher and family doctor. Still it's decided to give flowers on various occasions. Each occasion has a certain kind of flowers.
Interesting facts about flowers
Interesting facts about flowers
08 april 2015
The history of flowers has lots of interesting facts. Before ordering flowers and making your loved one happy, we offer you to relax a little time and learn more about flower history.
Bouquet of flowers appearance
Bouquet of flowers appearance
31 march 2015
There are a big number of stories and legend about the flowers. Many ages ago our ancestors used plants for decorating purposes, treatment and magical rituals.
Advantages of delivery
Advantages of delivery
30 march 2015
You can make happy your beloved ones even if you are far away! Cadouri Online Store will help you to do that!
Roses as an element of the relationship
Roses as an element of the relationship
28 march 2015
Rose is considered the Queen of flowers. Her beauty is praised in songs, but it also has a huge number of medical properties. Before you order roses for a loved one, we offer you to learn more about the properties of this flower.
Delivery of basket of flowers
Delivery of basket of flowers
28 march 2015
Imagine how beautiful looks the basket of flowers. It doesn't matter which flowers are included in the basket. Everything depends on your preferences and the taste of people whom you are planning to make a gift.
House plants, the benefits and harms of house plants
The benefits and harms of house plants
26 march 2015
Polluted air, faceless window view and a small number of warm sunny days per annum is only a few reasons why people purchase house plants.
Rose Meaning and Rose Symbolism
Rose Meaning and Rose Symbolism
17 march 2015
One of the most popular and favorite flowers is considered rose. Its beauty and rich aroma can't leave indifferent even the most capricious lady. But before you order flowers for loved ones, you should know the history and learn about the symbolism of this plant.
Office Decoration Flower
Office Decoration Flower
17 march 2015
Flower delivery to decorate the office space is growing very fast. Reputable companies paying attention to every detail and the interior of the working space isn't the exception. So floral decoration very relevant today.
Interesting and beautiful flowers with home delivery
Interesting and beautiful flowers with home delivery
13 march 2015
Have you decided to buy flowers or to make a home garden? This information will be interesting for you.
Unusual bouquets in Moldova
Creative floristry
13 march 2015
Floristry is an art to combine the beauty of nature with the skill of a master, who creates a bouquet. The beauty of such creations gives unforgettable emotions. Florist puts his own sense of style, beauty and originality.
Cheap flowers delivery in Moldova |
Flower delivery
11 february 2015
Cheap flowers delivery- is a great way to bring some happiness to your loved. The best express delivery.
Flower delivery service
Bouquets delivery service in Chisinau, Moldova.
30 january 2015
Flower delivery service perhaps the best way to take care for loved when you aren't next to them. Flower delivery will brighten up day to everyone.
Flowers in Chisinau. Benefits online flower shop
Flowers in Chisinau. Benefits online flower shop
30 january 2015
Fabulous place - Chisinau. Chisinau is full of flowers of all kinds and varietes. Unique bouquets for your beloved. Benefit of online store in buying flowers.
Tulips and their meaning. To buy bouquets of tulips
Ordering and buying tulips.
29 january 2015
Buying tulips, think about their meaning. We offer you to read information about meaning of tulips to make a right choice. Buying tulips is a great way to show your care!
How to send flowers internationally online for cheap
How to send flowers internationally online
28 january 2015
It's an eternal question. How better to give flowers? Personally or with the help of shipping? Some of the nuances we will tell you in this article. Choose for yourself how it will be better.
Tips how to make roses last longer
Order roses online
28 january 2015
Roses perhaps the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world. They differ according to their elegance and uniqueness, that's why women like it so much. It's very important for woman to give her flowers and the best gift will be roses. What woman would refuse such gift?