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Courier in a classic suit
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Original postcard already included
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Original surprises for men

any young woman at least once faces a problem what gift to present to the representative of the stronger sex. But it does not in any way should not be that she can not decide what to give him after all. On the eve of holidays for men, for women buying a gift becomes the most important concern, because you want to buy a beautiful and necessary gift for a birthday, a round date, Valentines Day, February 23 or a particular holiday, in terms of the interests of men, its characteristic individual characteristics, lifestyle.

Our service gives you the opportunity to buy gifts for men Hirjau with delivery, which can be seen on our website in a wide range, at the best prices with timely delivery to your home. Professional staff of our company, who have extensive experience, prepared for you unusual, interesting and valuable gifts for men. Regardless of the type of activity, lifestyle, preferences and age of the recipient, we are convinced that here you can easily find what your man needs.

Want to make your dear man happy? For this purpose it is necessary to order gifts for beloved men we have in CadouriOnline. We guarantee delivery of presents of different sizes and colors. Online shop of flowers and gifts CadouriOnline-a company with extensive experience in the Moldovan market. Thanks to the excellent work and cost-effective conditions, we can advise you to buy gifts for men Hirjau with home delivery when installed, for each of you practical payment systems.

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🚚   ?OP 10  -  Extremely expensive and exclusive flowers in the world

  •   🚚   Middlemist  -  not for sale, as there are only 2 copies
  •   🚚   Hydrangea  -  average cost around 6 dollars for one flower
  •   🚚   Gloriosa  -  the price for oane flower is 10 $
  •   🚚   Rainbow roses  -  the cost for one flower is about 10 $
  •   🚚   Tulip ?Queen of Night?  -  the price of one flower reaches 20 dollars
  •   🚚   Rose Pierre de Ronsard  -  one rose equals 20 dollars
  •   🚚   Rose Sweet Juliet  -  the cost of one flower is 30 $
  •   🚚   Medinilla  -  the price for one flower can be from 50 to 150 dollars
  •   🚚   Orchid ?The Gold of Kinabalu?  -  the price of one flower reaches 5000 $
  •   🚚   Shenzhen Nongke  -  and this is the leader, this flower blooms once in 6 years, its price is 202 000 dollars

🌷  🎁   How to choose a gift or flowers? Advice from our experts

♛   Flowers top 5

  •   🌸   Lilies ? 5th place in the rating ? Beautiful and graceful lilies look literally royally, so no wonder, that they are characterized by great popularity when creating bouquets
  •   🌾   Narcissus ? 4th place in rating ? Narcissus are the sign of the awakening of nature and always enjoy fame when collecting bouquets of flowers
  •   🌷   Tulip ? 3th place in rating ? Statistically, are among the most popular flowers worldwide. And it is not surprising, they are beautiful and elegant, and a huge number of their varieties and a wealth of shades allows to choose the option that is ideal for each case
  •   🌻   Gerbera ? 2nd place in rating ? This noble and vibrant flower is great for bouquets for both women and men.
  •   🌹   Rose ? 1st place in rating ? The decision to give ROSE flowers will surely be a win-win option, even if you dont know exactly the recipients preference.

🌸   Flowers and what do they mean?

  •   🌸   St. Johns wort - Enmity
  •   🌸   Pink rose - Great happiness
  •   🌸   Orchid - Beauty
  •   🌸   Nasturtium - Victory
  •   🌸   Myrtle - Happiness
  •   🌸   Magnolia - Persistence