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Delivery within 2 hours
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Freshness Guaranteed
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Courier in a classic suit
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Original postcard already included
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Buy soft toys Busila

Soft toys - the best gifts suitable for any celebration, including childrens holiday

Soft toys warm the soul of not only children but also older girls. These surprises, which have become popular, provide an opportunity to highlight the positive characteristics of your loved one. In this regard, the shop of flowers and gifts CadouriOnline gives you the opportunity to buy soft toys Busila with delivery, which are available in a wide selection.

are You going to highlight the romantic side in the personal characteristics of your beloved or to please the baby? To this end, you have the opportunity to buy a close soft toys. We guarantee delivery of toys of all sizes and colors. CadouriOnline gift service is a company with extensive experience in the domestic market. Thanks to the competently coordinated concept of customer service and convenient conditions, we are respected in the business, both among our customers and our suppliers.

Implementing Teddy bears, bunnies and seals for all of us is not just a job. We are constantly developing, exploring the market and making a more diverse assortment. It is important to us what plush toys your kids will play or be fascinated by young ladies. From us you can buy soft toys Busila at competitive prices with fast delivery to the required destination.

we are aware that soft bears and Smeshariki love not only kids, but also people of Mature age, so in our catalog are available the following plush gifts:

  • Fabulous creatures;
  • Plush animals;
  • cartoon Characters;
  • Unusual pads.

gifts from CadouriOnline - it is certainly impeccable quality and joy on the faces of your loved ones.

Answers to most of your questions

💸   Payment methods for order

  •   💸   Using electronic payment systems, for example: webmoney, yandex money, PAYPAL, Bitcoin and others....
  •   💲   By credit card: Discover, American Express, Mastercard, Visa
  •   💸   By money transfer, for example: Western Union, Unistream, Money Gram, Interexpress and many others
  •   💸   Cash payment

🌷  🎁   How to choose a gift or flowers? Advice from our experts

💐   How many flowers should there are be in a bouquet?

  •   🧒   1 - given in case of spiritual intimacy
  •   💑   7 - adoration or marriage proposal
  •   💗   13 - given for an anniversary or jubilee
  •   💗   19 - wedding number
  •   💗   37 - wish of happiness

🌸   How to keep a bouquet fresh:tips and tricks

  •   🍜   -  Fill the vase with cold boiled water of 10 degrees and let it settle, one hour will be enough
  •   ✂   -  Trim the flowers while the water is settling
  •   🌊   -  Next, put cut flowers in water
  •   🌊   -  Every day change the water
  •   🌂   -  Try to keep the water out of the flower petals
  •   🙏   -  Place the vase of flowers in the coolest place
  •   🙅   -  Beware of drafts
  •   ☠   -  The suns rays must fall on the flowers
  •   🙅   -  Consider the neighborhood in which the flowers are, for example:narcissus isnt suggested to be placed with other flowers, put it in a separate vase