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Delivery within 2 hours
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Courier in a classic suit
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Original postcard already included
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
We give a fertilizer to prolong the life of flowers.
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Buy soft toys Dubasarii Vechi

Soft toys - the best gifts, ideal for any occasion, including childrens holiday

Soft toys are able to please not only children but also adults. These surprises, which have become common, provide an opportunity to emphasize the best personal characteristics of your loved one. For this reason, the online store CadouriOnline provides the opportunity to buy soft toys Dubasarii Vechi with delivery, which are available in a large range.

do you Intend to highlight romantic notes in the personal characteristics of your beloved girl or to please a little child? To this end, you can order a close soft toys. We provide delivery service of toys of different small and large, different colors, shapes and sizes. CadouriOnline online store is a team of specialists with extensive experience in the domestic market. Thanks to competently organized activities and mutually beneficial conditions, we are the best service in Moldova, both among our customers and our partners.

Selling Teddy bears, bunnies and seals for our team is not just a job. We strive for development, study the market and expand the range. It is extremely important to us what plush toys your children will play or admire young girls. From us you can buy soft toys Dubasarii Vechi at affordable rates with timely delivery to the specified address.

we believe that soft bears and Smeshariki love not only little boys and girls, but also older girls, for this reason, our catalog offers the following plush Souvenirs:

  • Fictional creatures;
  • Plush animals;
  • cartoon Characters;
  • Unusual pads.

CadouriOnline Products are consistently excellent quality and happiness on the faces of your loved ones.


🌺   We have selected for you bouquets of roses

🌷  🎁   The best ideas of gifts and flowers for all occasions!

🌺   How to choose a bouquet of flowers?

  •   🌺   For a young girl is recommended to order graceful flowers in delicate shades, lush bouquets should be reserved for women of more mature age. Lilies, toulips, daisies ? optimal choice for a gift for a young person.
  •   🌹   If you choose roses, it is worth paying attention to, what reason the bouquet will be presented. If this is a just a date, then it is worth choosing a bouquet of 3-5 roses or to give to the beloved lady a single scarlet rose. If roses are prepared for a birtday, then a bouquet may be the best option, collected of flowers, the number of which is identical to birthday boy or girls age.
  •   🌻   Bouquets for formal celebrations should be descreet. Bright bouquets at official celebrations will seem, at least, weird.
  •   🙌   As for wedding, then a bouquet for the newlyweds, surely must be noticeable and festive.
  •   🌷   Flower arrangements for adored artists can also radically distinguish between themselves. If flower arrangement is intended for stage master, then it should be decorated in elegant classic style, but exotic flower arrangements and bright bouquets of flowers ideally will be suitable for aspiring artists.

🌸   Speaking the language of flowers

  •   🌸   Violet - Modesty, sincerity
  •   🌸   Pink rose - Great happiness
  •   🌸   Geranium - Stupidity
  •   🌸   Narcissus - Narcissism
  •   🌸   Daisy - Purity
  •   🌸   Ambrosia - Mutual love