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Bouquet "Talisman of love"
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Bouquet "Talisman of love"
Bouquet "Talisman of love"
Savings: 154 mdl
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Bouquet "Talisman of love"

  1239 mdl
  1663 mdl
  3709 mdl
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Red roses
composition and size

Bouquet "Talisman of love" — 1 pcs.

The composition bouquet: red roses — 31 pcs.

Height — 60 cm, diameter — 35 cm.

Bouquet "Talisman of love" — 1 pcs.

The composition bouquet:  red roses — 21 pcs. 

Height — 60 cm, diameter — 25 cm.

Bouquet "Talisman of love" — 1 pcs.

The composition bouquet:  red roses — 51 pcs. 

Height — 60 cm, diameter — 45 cm.

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Savings: 154 mdl
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Bouquet "Talisman of love"
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Composition "Blooming heart"
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